Golfing in Florida: Enjoy Year-Round Comfort and Value All Year Long

Golfing in Florida is a great way to enjoy the sport all year round. With winter temperatures in the mid-60s and lows dropping to an average of the mid-40s, golfers can enjoy a comfortable game no matter the season. The most pleasant months for golf are March, December and February, with high temperatures ranging from 70 to 85°F. August is the hottest month, with an average maximum temperature of 90.1°F.

Snowfall is a rare occurrence in Florida, so golfers don't have to worry about playing in the cold. The humidity can be oppressive or stifling during the summer months, but golfers can still expect to play better than their handicap due to the generous fairways. The annual BestPlaces comfort index for the golf area is 2.3 (10% 3Dbest), which means it's less comfortable than most places in Florida. In the next two generations, South Florida will have seaside golf courses all over the region.

April and May offer exceptional value at some of Orlando's best golf courses. The USGA and the American Society of Golf Course Architects do not maintain guidelines to help golf courses deal with the changes that lie ahead, but golfers can still enjoy year-round comfort and value when playing in Florida.

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