Golfing in Florida: A Year-Round Adventure for Avid Golfers

Golfing in Florida is an all-year-round activity, with winter temperatures ranging from the mid-60s to the mid-40s. During summertime, golfers can enjoy a round of golf in the morning to avoid the heat and possible afternoon showers. The golf season varies depending on the region and state, but 18 states allow uninterrupted reporting of scores 365 days a year. For those looking for winter golfing opportunities, the sunniest states in the US (such as Florida or Texas) will extend the season year-round.

Florida is an ideal destination for a winter golf trip, with its beautiful climate and golf courses open all year round. Private golf and country clubs in Tampa, Florida have their peak golf season from November to March and April, with some clubs closing for two days during the summer months for maintenance reasons. Our South Florida golf course is the perfect winter getaway, with the best winter golf weather and a fun and challenging 18-hole game. So every time you decide to take your bag out, it's a great day to go bird hunting.

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