The Best Places to Perfect Your Bunker Shots in Florida

Golf is a popular pastime in Florida, and if you want to up your game, it's essential to practice your bunker shots. Fortunately, the state has six practice greens that offer a variety of bunkers with different face heights for realistic practice. There's even a bunker reserved for bunker practice on the street. The LPGA International has an area dedicated to the short game that provides an array of chips, throws and bunker shots.

This practice green has three different positions for the flag pole. If you're looking for a great place to play golf, this is an ideal option. Membership at the Golf Club of the Everglades allows you to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy the natural beauty and peaceful atmosphere of the golf course. The LPGA has hosted numerous college golf teams for its annual spring training, international teams, local school teams and a wide variety of golf schools.

Golfers near Fort Lauderdale who are looking for golf lessons, instructions or custom equipment for their club should check out GolfTec Fort Lauderdale. With hundreds of bays to hit, balls that can be tracked and the possibility of opening 365 days a year with covered and heated bays, Topgolf is the best place to play indoor golf in South Florida. With these tips, you can approach your next sand-throw with confidence and ease. You can also improve your score by taking advantage of all the great resources available in Florida for perfecting your bunker shots.

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